Experience Sicily
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Experience Sicily

Tindari is a small town in the commune of Patti and a World Heritage Unesco Site, with remarkable and monumental ruins of ancient Tyndaris.

The archaeological site also has the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna perched high up on a rock overlooking the sea. A place of pilgrimage with one of the most interesting Greek architecture. Below the site and Sanctuary is the extraordinary “linquetta di sabbia” a sandbank stretching 1.5km into the sea. The perfect place to beach or walk. Not far from this spectacular place tucked in behind the mountains within the valley you will find Antica Tindari. Take a peek of what will be offered for 11 days of Sicilian memories. ANDIAMO!!

Classes are held in a friendly atmosphere

Meet new people and learn culinary secrets from our chefs to cook and eat dishes prepared using fresh, organic and natural ingredients.

Cooking classes 2021 will be held at restaurant Il Rosmarino.

Learn about the wines of Sicily

Our in-house wine expert will lead you during each wine tour and tasting included with your stay.

Our hands-on courses cover traditional Sicilian recipes.

A complete meal such as appetizers, a pasta dish, a meat or seafood dish and then a dessert is prepared for each class and is accompanied by the wine which best complements it.